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somehow to looks like order in the night i guess. this is federal hill after the big win. thousands of fans taking to the streets unable to contain their excitement. >> baltimore city police officers were out in full force
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just in case. but for the most part it was a peaceful and fun sell situation. -- celebration. >> we are talking to the police officers last night and they said they hope the cold might get some of the pay the on the and revelers to take it inside -- patrons and revelers to take it inside. they thought weather would help them. >> we saw light snow showers roll through last night as well. and things wrapped up this morning. we could see more showers work their way in going into around 3 or 4. more likely as we go through the evening as another clipper will roll in across the area. that's what's going on on maryland's most powerful radar as of now. checking out what's going on in terms of temperatures it's cold in again burnie but 21 in reisterstown and arnold at -- again burnie but 21 in riftertowns and arnold -- reisterstown and arnold. this is what to expect with the planner. waking up around 6 in the morning 25 degrees.
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26 by 9:00 and the lunchtime only 30 degrees. temperatures still below average. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning. what a game. i am going on about two hours of sleep but who cares. the ravens are superbowl champions. very proud of them. if you heading to work, unfortunately, having to do so, the jfx is nice and clear manyno delays from downtown to east fayette street. up to speed through the port mchenry and harbor tunnel. traffic is moving right along. you are looking at a normal drive time of 11 minutes to travel outer loop from 795 to 95. and that's in hunt valley 83 moving along no problems traveling from shawan road to the beltway and it will remain nice and clear once you get on the jfx and head into the city. let's look at the abc2 timesaver traffic now over to you. >> 4:32 is the news time.
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>> and the ravens have won it. >> we are the world champions and it's the moment rains fans have been waiting for for 12 years. the trophy coming back to baltimore. it was a superbowl filled with a light e-- lot of emotion and fans players and copes will not forget. charley is live with how they got the went. >> says it all. today superbowl champs. superbowl xlv. i a class being and ravens are champions. shall the ravens struck first joe flacco hitting boldin for the 13-yard touchdown. if you saw it once before it's the play they ran against new england. after recovering a fumble they drove for another score and this one to pitta making it 14- 3. later in the second, one of
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the plays of the game a 56 yard bomb to jones gets up and to the end zone but this is not the last time you hear his number call. it's that. tying the nfl record for 108 yards with a touchdown return. and you thought things were about to turn. baltimore's way and lights go out and everything goes black for more than half a hour and they come back on and it's all san francisco. they go on a surge of offensescoring 17 points everything coming down to a final defensive stand for the ravens. 4th and 5 you saw kaepernick overthrows crabtree and ravens 34-31 winners of superbowl 47. after the game superbowl mvp joe flacco talked about what the win means. >> it hasn't sunk in yet. crazy.
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unbelievable. tough to put in words because it has not sunk in yet i don't think it sunk in that we are here let alone won it so it's pretty cool. >> you did hear him say a few things the microphones picked up. you might want to take those back but if you saw the game you know what we are talking about. ravens are the first team to beat san francisco in the superbowl prior to they were undefeat now baltimore is undefeated 2-0. and it's 3 superbowl titles for baltimore going back to the colts. they were winners at superbowl 5. it's no doubt going to be a long monday for many of you. at least for those of you who attempting to go to work. the treatments explodeed in -- treats explodeed in celebration when the -- exploded in celebration when the ravens won. sherrie johnson is live with more on how the fans are celebrating. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are live on south charles street. it's quiet right now. but last night, this place was filled and packed with a number
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of people. as you can see there's some people still out here this morning and still celebrating. they have been out here all night and it was a great game and fans couldn't have been more excited. hundreds of fans filled the streets in federal hill after last night's win over the san francisco 49ers. take a look at this video. this was the scene on south charles street as fans poured into the streets. baltimore spent most of 3/4 of the superbowl in jubilation to descend into averageous moments as 49ers fought back but in the final rally they filled knot streets to celebrate. folks were singing and cheering and whistling. fans climbed light posts and men began to teak off the shirts and climbing trees. cars' horns honked and it was quite the celebration. every where you locked being seeprpel pride and as being see some folks are finally making their way -- purple pride.
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and as you can see, some folks are finally making their way back home. >> did someone stroke across the shot. >> it looked like it. >> go home. >> people are still celebrating. >> that's how it will be for the next few days and probably into weeks and months but let's get to the weather and bring it down to center. what's gone on outside. >> it's cold outside but it's warm in our hearts. we are feeling good. it could be subdegree temperatures out there, below 30s and we wouldn't care because we are dealing with a warm heart because of the win and championship. we see a few showers snow showers moving in across the area. but this is what streaked through last night speaking of streaking, a few flurries moved through and we will do it all over again this evening mainly. pulling out, you can see what's going on here. we have another little clipper that will move through the area. it's going to dive in here i say around 10, but before that we can get a few flurries
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trying to work their way in here. right now you can see it around lake michigan and we will start to get a little sunshine as high pressure builds in this morning. i am going to call it partly sunny to mostly cloudy skies going throughout the day. here are the temperatures, we are talking about cold temperatures. 19 in westminster. temperatures are well below average right now. and also we are looking at 23 in edgewood. catonsville at 22 degrees as we slide over towards the eastern shore, this is what it looks like. dealing with 20s once again. 26 in goldsboro and 28 in cambridge and 23 degrees in elkton good morning to you. now, it's that but we have the speed, the wind speeds out of the west this morning. with that, we are dealing with the wend chill. i will show -- wind chill. i he will show -- i will show you that in a secondp easton has 20. and it's making it -- second. easton has 20. and it's making for a blustery day. it feels like 13 in baltimore, 15 in easton, 17 in frederick and 11 degrees in york.
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we will get the forecast for today, tomorrow and all that coming up. the parade, we have to talk about that. now back over to megan and charley. >> thanks. big night of celebration here in baltimore. but for many fans they were actually there to see the ravens play. >> we will head down to new orleans and get reaction from those at the super dome to catch this huge win. >> the game came to a halt in the third quarter. details why the super dome went dark. >> reporter: everything is up to speed 5. i will let you know what it looks like at 83 and the beltway coming up on good morning maryland.
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we have been through everything as a team and lost three in a row and all you all counted us out woo. know you did but you had them picked. none of you all had ravens in the game let alone winning it. baltimore city, charm city, world champions baby.
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>> yeah. you heard the man the ravens are the world champions. >> a night of celebration for the ravens and ravens fans in charm city and big easy and jamie costello is in new orleans where people probably even at this hour are still celebrating. >> it's about 2 tickets to paradise. >> yeah. >> we won tonight. >> reporter: what did you think when jacoby ran on your lap? >> this is the superbowl. nobody expected it to be easy or a blowout. this is the way we rather finish it. >> reporter: what did you do when he caught this pass? >> so proud of my teammates andhonored to be part of the
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team and you know, it's unbelievable. >> reporter: where were you when the lights went out? >> took wnd out of the sails and they are on the ropes you know -- wind out of our sails and they were going on the ropes and you know and they came back with a vengeance and force and we held them off. >> reporter: when the bright lights came back on they were on flacco and you chanted elite. what are -- were you screaming ray's final rides end with the lombardi in new orleans. >> you realize you are champion. yes i did. >> we brung it back to the crib. >> reporter: it's been 12 years and the parade starts on tuesday.
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in new orleans with hall of famer scott gar so jamie costello abc2 news, enjoy the celebration good morning maryland. >> thank you so much. one of the strangest parts of superbowl 47 had nothing to do with the game but did impact the game. the years biggest television event came to a grinding halt when the mercedes super dome went dark. it was a scene immediately after the beginning of the third quarter. jones just tied the superbowl record with 108 yard kick off return for a touchdown and the 49ers were attempting a drive down the field and you got a dark super dole. they had no idea -- super dome. they had no idea what went on but both sides stretched and tried to stay loose as maintenance crews tried to get the lights back on. fans were confused but didn't seem to mind. >> i wasn't sure if a rat ate a wire but it is what it is and
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you know what it is what it is and it's a good football team. >> doesn't affect your experience. >> means nothing. >> hook more than a half-hour to get -- took more than a half- hour to get the lights on. and they believe it was the outside power feed. during 2011 there was a power outage when they played the steelers during monday night football. now the ravens are superbowl champs, the city has to get raidy for the vct ray parade. 's -- ready for the victory parade. the streets of downtown baltimore will be filled with ravens fan. this is the crone when they won in 2001. you can bet it's going to look like this again tomorrow. so the parade starts at 11, city hall ends at m and t bank stadium and we will cover it live and stream it online. if you can't make it downtown, you can see the action on abc2
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or >> any idea what the weather will be like then. >> ? >> of course she does. >> -- then? >> of course she does. >> we will see a few showers in the morning and throughout the day. a little pesky clipper coming in. >> natural confetti. >> yeah. >> mother nature. >> so it's a doesn't -- doesn't matter whoa could have a blizzard -- we could have a blizzard and nothing would stop this. temperatures in the low 20s this morning. 24 degrees right now in stevensville and union bridge at 21. more of the same in glen burnie at 24. tows those winds makes it feel like we are in the teens. we -- those winds make it feel like we are in the teens. we see warm air trying to work its way in here. it won't happen. 59 in dallas, 60 in phoenix but that's not coming towards us. we will stay in the cold air from canada going through the next several days and slowly but -- next several days and slowly but surely we will get into more seasonable temperatures. high pressure will build in bringing us a little sunshine this morning. but then that clipper rolls in
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and brings more cloud cover going into the afternoon. more snow by the evening time frame is likely. and future trend will pick up on that as whoa go through time. we can see -- as we go through time. the snow showers around 10 tonight, and gets out of here and we get a break and another clipper will dive down from canada and we can see what's going ongoing through your tuesday. but other than that, we are starting to dry out by wednesday and also thursday. and the temperature for today going on at 32 degrees. cold and breezy with that slight chance of snow showers. let's check of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: i don't think snow will keep anyone away from the parade. how awesome was the game. i am on cloud 9 this morning. if you are heading out on 95, no delays from elk ridge to downtown baltimore. in howard county, enterstate 70 is going to be -- interstate 07 is clear. no delays from columbia pike to the beltway. and here's live look at the northwest corner of 695 and park heights, everything moving
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right along. no delays up to 83 or traveling down to route 40. as we head up to hunt valley here's live look at 83 at shawan road. no problems traveling from the maryland peps vain yeah state line to the beltway -- pennsylvania state line. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. ray lewis is going out with a bang. >> coming up, we will look at the lineback are's brilliant career as he he heads into retirement. >> it's all about purple. where you can go to get your hands on the purple burger that won't cost you green. good morning maryland continues in a few moments.
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to present his case in the trial of michael johnson. barnes disappeared in 2010 while visiting family in baltimore. her body was found in april the find year. >> today would have been rosa
4:51 am
park's 100 birthday. the henry ford museum will hold a national day of courage. she was a important symbol to the civil rights movement. ed koch will be laid to rest today. he was elected mayor in 77 and searched three terms. he he passed away from congestive heart failure last week e was 88. mcdonald's add -- he was 88. mcdonald's is adding fish to their happy meals. they will come with 7 piece of frish french fries and appel slices and a drink. the ravens are bringing back the lombardi trophy to baltimore and so lunch it will be on the z burger they are giving away purple burgers from 11 to 2 and 5 to 7. just say the secret password the champions. 4:51. superbowl champs for 47 is superbowl 47. and some say the champions of
4:52 am
destiny. shirts go on sale and there's no doubt they will be snatched up quickly so you may want to get yours early. how early you ask? linda so is out with a sneak peek whft items may go on -- with when the items may go on sale and you have a couple. >> reporter: i do. doors at modell's will open extra early at 6 this morning. and this is just one of the shirts they will be selling. tons of ravens member are a belle -- memorabilia ready for fans to tell the world ravens are superbowl champs. this is what it looked looked at dick's sporting goods last night. fans flocked to the store after the game to get their happened on purple pride. the -- their hands on purple pride. the store opened 15 minutes after the ravens won and people were waiting outside. the lines too check out took up to a hour and half but for the fans, it was all worth it.
4:53 am
>> i mean words can't express this, like, like every person completely doubted us. and i mean they were rolling at every step. i am at a loss for words and i think this sums it up best. >> colts fans when they were here but since we have the ravens don't need anybody else. >> unbelievable. words can't describe. >> it was a great win and so excited. go baltimore. >> reporter: first things first this morning, got to get your hands on this ravens memorabilia superbowl champions, yes we are. modell's will open at 6 this morning. they say the store is stocked and there's plenty of shirts and memorabilia for the fans out there. live in joppa, lnda so, a -- linda so, abc2 news. >> ray lewis is ending his career on top. >> the superbowl was his last dance and he told you about this four weeks ago and spent 17 years of his pro career every bit of it here in
4:54 am
baltimore. he is the original raven and the inspirational leader of the team. he announced his retirement a few days before the ravens took on indianapolis in the first round of the playoffs. do you remember that? it was than you can see the team come alive and last night it helped take him out as a champion. >> when you win a chapel p piionship one man -- championship, one man won't win a ring. it's a complete team. my ride personally, how else do you say thank you. how else do you say thank you to your teammates and to the city that never stopped believe in me and this team. because now we get to take the trophy back to baltimore as world champions. >> this is lewis' second superbowl win with the ravens. well, there's some sibling rivalry at the superbowl. brothers went head to head at the superbowl. head coaches. now the game was dubbed the har bowl and john took on his baby
4:55 am
brother 49ers head coach jim. and it was a competition like any other. >> the meeting with jim in the middle was the most difficult thing i've been associated with in my life. i am proud of him. >> love him obviously i think anybody out there with a brother can understand what that is all about. so it's nothing that anybody can't understand. just believe in him and i havecouch respect for him and admire him and look up to him in so many ways and i am hurting for him in that sense, yes. >> after the game when the brothers shook hand jim said he told his big brother he was proud of him and congratulated him on the win. >> you see that and get so excited about it. ravens win but you know it had to be tough for john. >> absolutely and for the parents as well. no doubt about it. >> time for a check of the forecast. lynette how much of the game did you watch? >> all of it. >> every bit? >> every bit. ask me anything i. saw it all. >> what did you think of beyonce. >> i think she did a fabulous
4:56 am
job. look what the's going on this morning, we are dealing with snow -- what's going on this morning, we are dealing with snow showers. we will dry out for today but another clipper system will work its way through the area. heading out the door this morning getting the kids off to school, yes, breezy conditions across the area. that temperature coming in at 24 degrees. we won't warm up that much. temperatures will still be below average by this afternoon. coming in at freezing and then that's when the flurries will begin and showers snow showers will be likely as we head more into 10:00 through the overnight. let's check the ba. c. -- abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning. i woke up with a smale an "-- smile on my face. i am sure that's the scenario for everybody in baltimore. 95 in harford county nothing in your way to white marsh or to downtown baltimore. 83 at shawan road, no problems getting down to the beltway and it will remain nice and clear as you get on the jfx.
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this is a normal 11 minute ride southbound from the beltway all the way downtown a -- to east fayette street. an 11 minute ride on the the outer loop from 95 up to 83. and no concerns on the west side. it will take 11 minutes as well to travel the outer loop from 795 to 95. let's look at your abc2 timesaver traffic now over to you. it was cold in some parts of the country this weekend. >> coming up this morning, at 5,. [audio not understandable] >> and we will take you back to new orleans where ravens fans are probably still sell braying the -- celebrating the big win.
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this is too cute. ravens fans were not only once enjoying superbowl sunday. pet lovers brought their puppies out. there was a winner and as always an mvp. the puppy bowl

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